Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Novetta Launches New Entity Analytics Offering in AWS Marketplace

Novetta's leading analytics and consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) technology today announced the availability of Entity Analytics Developer Edition in the Novetta market of Amazon Web Services (AWS). By leveraging the operational excellence of AWS and AWS cloud history, Novetta expands its global presence and advanced analysis is made available to anyone with a few clicks.

Developer Edition Novetta Entity Analytics, available through the AWS market with a free 30-day trial (with an additional AWS fee) is a multi-source data integration program and the resolution of the current Horton works entity running on data from the platform. Novetta Entity Analytics Developer Edition allows users to quickly upload datasets and create integrated views of people, places or organizations. Users can identify relationships within and between organizations to support use cases such as customer privacy, security threat, risk profile and fraud detection. Novetta Entity Analytics uses an adaptation process to unify all data types, regardless of the schema, and allows data analysts to evaluate and external third-party datasets to understand the value of the data before attempting to put them in your business. . Novetta Entity Analytics is a leading offering for customers who need advanced analytics solutions, including business and government organizations, depends on understanding who and where their customers are, "said Barry Russell, Executive Director, Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace, Amazon. Web Services, Inc. " Our customers want easy To use the software as an entity, Novetta Analytics is available for immediate purchase and market deployment of AWS. Making the Analytics Novetta entity available at AWS Marketplace demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers with the most important software analytics to drive their business."

"By including in the market for AWS, customers can launch and running quickly with the Developer Edition Novetta Entity Analytics with just a few clicks," said Jim Cushman, president, Commercial and Novetta Products Division. "With AWS Marketplace, Novetta now offers its customers a solution for the analysis of the combined entity with more affordable scalability AWS Cloud and pay-as-you-go cost model. We are convinced that companies soon realize the value of our solution, due to wide 360- degree views and relations of our solution detects".

Developer Edition of Entity Analytics Novetta is ideal for organizations looking to evaluate the third and external data set, to improve the analysis of the entity's experience and create business cases. Once a client is ready to migrate from the developer edition of the full range of businesses and integrate their confidential internal data, Novetta will deploy its publishing business on AWS. The Novetta Entity Analytics solution enables organizations and government agencies to implement data, policy and regulatory requirements compatible with lakes, while streamlining operating expense data. In addition, customers can quickly implement case-by-case analysis, take advantage of the large ecosystem of portable tools and applications, and everything that comes with managing the infrastructure.

Monday, 30 October 2017

LTE IoT Kits Include Raspberry Pi and AWS Friendly Models

AT & T has developed its range of IO cell initiation kits with the AWS version with a K64F Freedom Board, plus a $ 59 model that allows you to bring your own RPI.

AT & T and Avnet have announced the $ 99 AT & T IO kit departure for their LTE cellular networks in July and shipped the following month. Now the mobile phone company has launched a second identical price kit that similarly combines an AT & T LTE modem and Avnet M14A2A shield cells with K64F NXP Freedom Board based on the Cortex-M4 processor, but also adds support Amazon web services charge in addition to the IO cloud management service from AT & T. AT & T has also launched a new $ 59 model, which omits the K64F Freedom NXP Board for users who prefer to control the Cell with the shield one

According to RCRWireless News, AT & T and Avnet are also preparing a "light" version and probably less expensive than the original package. However, the lighting panel has not been on the AT & T product page. The original announcement mentioned AT & T plans to add similar preconfigured leads for a suite of Microsoft Azure IO and IBM Watson IO applications. These are not yet available on the IO Initiation Kit purchase page, although the source platform is supposed to be compatible with the Microsoft Azure and IBM bluemix platform.

The new IO Starter Kit, powered by AWS, seems to offer the same functionality as the original IO starter kit, but incorporates an integrated AWS medium as well as the microSD card used for security information. The kit runs the ARM mbed FROM-K64F NXP Freedom Board code, which was also one of the first platforms supported by the Zephyr project. The card, which can be purchased for $ 60 alone, runs on an ARM Cortex-M4 120MHz MCU called Kinetis K64 (MK64FN1M0VLL12) with 1 MB and 256 KB of flash RAM.

The Freedom Board FROM-K64F is also equipped with a compatible Arduino R3 pin for the screen contact. Other features include a 10/100 Ethernet port, microSD slot and two micro-USB ports, one of which is a power input. You also get a 6-axis accelerometer / magnetometer, 2 user buttons, a reset button and an LED

Like the original, the kit connects AWS Junta de Libertad FROM-K64F to an Avnet M14A2A cellular shield through the Arduino Shield connectors on both devices, creating a sandwich configuration of 3.25 x 2 x 1 inch. The additional LTE IO $ 59 kit also includes Avnet shielding this cell and all other components of the original kit, with the exception of the free FROM-K64F card. Instead, a user SBC Raspberry Pi supplies plugs in the M14A2A cellular shield through the micro-USB port. It is unclear whether mbed also works on Raspberry Pi using the mbed client, or whether the AT & T platform has been extended to support Linux.

The M14A2A cellular shield, available in all AT & T IO starter kits, is built around a Wistron Corp. NeWeb (WNC) M14A2A LTE Cat-1 modem unit. The card also incorporates two SMA connectors compatible with primary and diversity connections. There is also a 3FF microSIM connector, more serial connection options with the host controller, and a temperature and humidity sensor.

All kits come with a Stealth Lite pulse antenna. The dipole antenna has a support band 2, 4 and 12 LTE. The kit is also equipped with two micro-USB cables.

AT & T adds to this package a global SIM card from AT & T working in more than 200 countries and territories. The card is also available separately for $ 11.

The SIM card is treated with a six-month AT & T LTE package includes 300 MB of data and 300 SMS messages for use in the United States and Mexico (without roaming). The kit also includes access to platform connectivity management from the AT & T IO Control Center Cisco, including cloud storage "to host, manage and share data among multiple groups," AT & T says.

AT & T Battery Starter Kit Iot includes an API for controlling data transfer and network connection. It also includes a REST API with "easy-to-follow documentation and ability to quickly test the API without programming," according to the company. Optionally, developers can use AT & T's flow designer software for the development of applications and data from the AT & T M2X IO services.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

How I passed AWS Certified Developer-Associate Exam By The First Attempt

As Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing the most demanded and valued IT certifications. AWS certified professionals are regarded everywhere they go because of Amazon’s worldwide introduction. These certifications are not easy to pass and they demand full dedication. I am really excited to share my experience with those who are thinking to go for this certification with a view that it may be helpful for someone at any level. I was not expecting to pass my AWS Certified Developer-Associate by the first attempt but I have done it. All my thanks go to Dumps4Download for their timely and sincere help. You might be curious to know about the process that I went through during my preparation. I would like to suggest some sources and tips for your preparation so that you can also pass your certification without any disappointment.

The material that assured my success:

                The main focus of this exam is on developers and evaluates your knowledge on development. You don’t need any AWS background to go for this program at associate level. I thought to find out the course contents and then to compile them for preparation then a friend guided me and suggested to download AWS Certified Developer-Associate dumps for smart study. All the concepts in this material have been presented so comprehensively that you don’t need to take help from any other source. All the course contents have been dealt competently and concisely that you will get the sense of each and every topic by its depth. It was not so much challenging to prepare for this certification as much it seemed to me but my mind changed with the introduction of AWS CD-Associate Braindumps. I was given guarantee to pass this exam if I work in accordance with their guidelines. I did so and my trust on this site was strengthened. I will give priority to Dumps4Download for any certification in future

Misperception about programming skills:

                Some think programming skills must for this certification and hesitate to go for this program. But as a matter of fact you absolutely don’t need programming skills to prepare and pass Developer Associate exam. You may need some programming skills for after stepping into practical projects of the field. This exam will not go in depth to check your knowledge in programming. This exam is thought easier than other certifications under AWS.

Practice makes you perfect:

                The best strategy to pass the certification by the first attempt is to practice as much as possible. It is practice that makes you perfect. I also used to sit down and practice my knowledge so I get out of all the confusions. I used Online Testing Engine to practice my knowledge and to test my abilities to perform in the exam settings. Testing Engine worked as an exam simulator and I knew about some strategies to deal with the situation in the actual exam. All the knowledge I learnt from AWS Certified Developer-Associate Dumps was tested and evaluated by this software. Some of the points that were found weak during this test were improved by further practice. I got satisfied with my future performance when I received consecutively good results from the testing engine.

General Information about Exam:

                I think some general information will also be useful for the candidates. There is no fixed guideline for the number of questions and time allowed for the exam. Amazon keeps changing conditions because of several reasons but as now you will be given 55 multiple choice questions that are to be solved within 80 minutes. You have to achieve 65% score to get passed in CD-Associate. If you will prepare from the material suggested to you then you will fulfill all these conditions very easily. Testing Engine is must for practice that will teach you to perform by your best in the exam.

Monday, 17 July 2017

AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Real Question Answers

Sample Question: 16

EC2 instances are launched from Amazon Machine images (AMIs). A given public AMI can:

A.  be used to launch EC2 Instances in any AWS region.

B.  only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same country as the AMI is stored.

C.  only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS region as the AMI is stored.

D.  only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS availability zone as the AMI is stored

Answer: C

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Braindumps - AWS CDA Exam Dumps Dumps4Download

Sample Question: 15

Which statements about DynamoDBare true? Choose 2 answers

A. DynamoDBuses optimistic concurrency control

B. DynamoDBuses a pessimistic locking model

C. DynamoDBrestricts item access during reads

D. DynamoDBrestricts item access during writes

E. DynamoDBuses conditional writes for consistency

Answer: A,E